• I


    (2001) : Emperor Norton


    “I” was the album Buffalo Daughter focused on lyrics and the voice that coveys the words which had never happened before. Also distinctive here was to feature acoustic instruments such as classical music instruments, strings quartet, piano, flute and so on.

    1. Ivory
    2. I Know
    3. Earth Punk Rockers
    4. 28 Nuts
    5. Volcanic Girl
    6. Five Minutes
    7. Robot Sings(As If He Were Frank Sinatra With A Half-boiled Egg And The Salt Shaker On A Breakfast Table)
    8. I
    9. Moog Stone
    10. Mirror Ball
    11. Long,Slow,Distance
    12. Discote[、]que Du Paradis
    13. A Completely Identical Dream
    14. Stereotype C

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