• Monthly Buffalo Daughter Vol.1 – New Tracks just uploaded at SoundCloud

    Buffalo Daughter gathers in studio once every month from this April for recording new album.
    We gather in the same studio in Tokyo (zAk’s St-robo Studio) with the regular drummer Atsushi Matsushita (Zazen Boys).
    What’s different this time is that you can hear new tracks on progress right away on SoundCloud or YouTube!

    We name it as “Monthly Buffalo Daughter” (#monthlyBD), and very excited to share the recording process and progress.
    We’d appreciate your cheering and likes, and be happy to answer the questions about how we make our sound. (Send it to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!)

    Here’s the link to new three tracks (rough mix) recorded on the first day with Masaya Nakahara a.k.a. Hair Stylistics.
    These are just a part of one day session – nearly 20 tracks were recorded that day!

    Monthly Buffalo Daughter Vol.1 – BD vs Hair Stylistics

    There will be more to come – we’ll post the video of rehearsal session from last week soon.
    Check back and keep an eye on #MontlyBD !

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