• 『ReDiscoVer. Best, Re-recordings and Remixes of Buffalo Daughter』is OUT NOW!

    2013/7/24 RELEASE
    ¥2,600 (tax in) UMA-1022-1023 14 tracks
    1CD+recordable CD-R
    colour booklet 24P + liner notes + lyrics 
    IC card sticker for limited first edition

    1. New Rock 20th featuring KAKATO (ROY TAMAKI and CHINZA DOPENESS)
    2. Beautiful You 20th featuring Aiha Higrashi and Koresuke Arishima
    3. LI303VE
    4. Great Five Lakes 20th featuring Keigo Oyamada
    5. Dr. Mooooooooog
    6. Discothéque Du Paradis
    7. Cold Summer
    8. Peace Remix by Adrock
    9. Socks, Drugs and Rock’n’roll Live (Sax, Drugs and Rock’n’roll)
    featuring Hajime Tachibana
    10. Volcanic Girl
    11. A11 A10ne
    12. Cyclic Live
    13. Balloon Remix by Avec Avec
    14. Hora-ana(Cave)

    Compiled by Nick Luscombe (Flomotion/ BBC Radio 3/ Musicity)

    【IC card sticker】
    Parakeet is a living sampler!
    Originally one of the 3 sticker set included in the EP “Amoebae Sound System (1995)”, this is a re-worked version! Yumiko still has the original version of this sticker stuck on her mini moog. The other 2 sticker designs were of the TB-303 and an android.

    BD IC card sticker

    【special gift at stores】
    Special DJ MIX Sampler by moOog yamamOTO

    Available now here(open new window)

    【TOWER RECORDS Original Special Bonus 】
    An original “organic” & “science”-themed collage sticker, designed by moOog yamamOT
    One Bite
    That white logo, shining on so many laptop computers. “Frutta Proibita” (forbidden fruit) refers to Adam and Eve and that special fruit with a single “bite” taken out of it … a sticker for adults.

    BD Tower Records Original Sticker

    *Sticker and sampler quantities are very limited so get yours soon!

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