• Pshychic and Euphorica new release date is set on May 15, 2019

    Sorry to have kept you waiting, but we are so excited to announce two re-issued vinyls are now ready to order.

    Pshychic and Euphorica vinyls will be back in stores on May 15, 2019!

    All songs will be played live at 25 + 1 Party tour starting on May 30.

    Click on the link in this text or QR code below for 25 + 1 Party tour tickets and vinyl pre-orders.


    25 + 1 Party tour

    May 30   Tokyo  Liquidroom   (Pia: 145-303, Lawson: 71333)   Guest: Tatsuya Nakamura, Keigo Oyamada, Naruyoshi Kikuchi, AAAMYY, SASUKE

    June 14  Kobe Varit (Pia: 147-509, Lawson: 55091)  Guest: Shinji Wada

    June 15  Kyoto Metro (Pia: 146-351, Lawson: 56148)  Guest: Seiichi Yamamoto

    June 29  Kokura FUSE (Pia: 146-015, Lawson: 81458)  Opening DJ: Hibiki Tokiwa



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