• New Rock Universe Tour – EQD pedal and vinyl give-away campaign!

    Campaign alert!

    EarthQuaker Devices is giving away Hizumitas and vinyls of Buffalo Daughter and Boris!

    Buy a ticket of New Rock Universe Tour, and you’ll be eligible to enter this campaign!


    How to apply:

    1. Buy a ticket of New Rock Universe tour

    Tour info and ticket link: https://tinyurl.com/448j8xma

    2. Check the EQD Japan tweet about this campaign, retweet it with the photo of your ticket showing the date, venue and your ticket number (Seiri bango: 整理番号) with the hashtag #newrockuniverse .


    One lucky winner of each shows will get all three of these:

    – EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas pedal

    – Buffalo Daughter autographed color vinyl (either New Rock or I)

    – Boris autographed Heavy Rocks color vinyl


    The campaign ends at 0 AM on each show date.


    We will notify the winner via message on Twitter.  Please follow @buffalodaughter and @Borisheavyrocks so we can reach you.

    The winner can get gifts at the show.


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