• A Long Life Story Of Miss Cro-magnon

    (2002, 2021 Buffalo Ranch)

    A long-awaited re-release of 2002 CD gets remastered and out on Bandcamp as digital download for the first time.  It features original 2002 version of Son Of Altair, Kaoru Inoue’s dance tribe remix of Discotheque Du Paradis, DMBQ’s psychedelic/garage rock cover of Volcanic Girl, etc.

    A Long Life Story Of Miss Cro-magnon

    1. Son Of Altair(Original 2002 Version)
    2. Discothèque Du Paradis (FLOATRIBE re-edit) remixed by Kaoru Inoue
    3. Discothèque Du Paradis (Album Version)
    4. Volcanic Girl (Unedit)
    5. Volcanic Girl (Performed by DMBQ)

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