• We Are The Times

    (2021 Buffalo Ranch/Anniversary)

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    We Are The Times started from an improvisation session with Masaya Nakahara as part of a tribute program for Takahiro Muramatsu (Smurf Otokogumi). The album took quite some time to record, growing and changing with the band members’ shifting lives and world views as they navigated the covid-19 pandemic. Though the record was created during a tumultuous period, it starts with the phrase “Music is the vitamin,” indicating Buffalo Daughter’s hope for positivity in the world of 2021; the band sought to create an energetic and optimistic project to combat our anxious times. The vibrancy of their sound on the album is perhaps best summed up in this quote from collaborator Masaya Nakahara:

    “A bright fruit of electronic sound! Buffalo Daughter’s new sound shows the light for where we should head to in this chaotic world.”

    Cover art by Kosuke Kawamura

    Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studio, London

    Track list:
    1. Music
    2. Times
    3. Global Warming Kills Us All
    4. Don’t Punk Out
    5. Loop
    6. ET (Densha)
    7. Jazz
    8. Serendipity (Tsubu)
    9. Everything Valley

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