• Konjac-tion




    The first album in four years since their seminal “The Weapons of Math Destruction” has started from the moment they performed at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa’s “Peter McDonald: Visitor” exhibition. The album has formed its shape through the connections with various people, so it is titled “Konjac-tion” (Connection + Kon-nyaku=konjac, which represents the flexibility and identity of Japanese). Original recordings plus a bonus remix disc which features remixes by various artists in and out of Japan.

    ●4-panels paper sleeves

    DISC 1; Konjac-tion                   
    1. Hit-it-go-round : Party is about to begin 
    2. Le Cheval Blanc feat. Kahimi Karie on voice
    3. Golden Leaves feat. Pismo on vocal
    4. Calling Out From The World Of Echoes
    5. Love & Food feat. Shintaro Sakamoto on vocal
    6. Oui Oui
    7. The Legend
    8. Vicious Circle
    9. Bring Back 80’s
    10. Les Sirènes feat. Fuzati on rap
    11. Don’t Stop The Music

    DISC 2; Konjac-tion REMIX              
    1. Le Cheval Blanc Remixed by shinnari chan
    2. Calling Out From The World Of Echoes Remixed by VARO
    3. Golden Leaves Remixed by CIBO MATTO featuring Nels Cline(Wilco)on guitars
    4. The Legend Remixed by Charlotte Kemp Muhl of the Goastt and Jared Samuel of Invisible Familiars, featuring Sean Lennon
    5. Vicious Circle Remixed by You Ishihara at Peace Music Tokyo 
    6. Love & Food Remixed by Seiichi Nagai
    7. Bring Back 80’ Remixed by Sunahara Yshinori
    8. Les Sirènes (Instrumental)
    9. Don’t Stop The Music Remixed by Greeen Linez
    10. Oui Oui (Demo)

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